A Guide to Remodel Your Bathroom

Remodel Your Bathroom

Remodeling any place in your home can be exciting while thinking of new designs and purchasing new looks. Although, it can also be a tiring, stressful, and expensive project. Remodeling is mainly done to upgrade the bathroom to suit your lifestyle and daily routines. There are many options available today, which can make it confusing for you to stick to one look. Planning out the whole process and preparing for everything can make a huge difference.

What Exactly Do You Want? (Renovation VS Remodeling)-

You must understand the difference between two words generally interchanged in everyday conversation but are very different in their definitions. Renovation is done when you just want to change the look of your space to give it a fresh look and match more with your personality and trends. In comparison, remodeling is demolishing the place and rebuilding it differently to create a new layout from scratch. Renovation and remodeling are not done regularly, and it is critical to understand your budget and needs to work accordingly.

Remodeling Your Bathroom- 

Step #1: Plan it out: Planning is the key to every successful project. Make a list of requirements you have, such as what you liked in your old design and what you did not, features you wish to add based on your routines, also consider every individual who will be using that bathroom, and most importantly, your budget. Further, also decide if you want to hire a contractor or plan on doing everything yourself. Having a plan will help you get a clear picture of what you can expect from the new design without going over your head in finances.

Step #2: Design: To save some money, you can design the new bathroom yourself. Look at the layouts that have inspired you over time and that appeal to you personally. You can also add or subtract anything to match your lifestyle and budget. Feel free to seek inspiration from many designs available in magazines, online, and interior designers’ stores.

Step #3: Get to work: Before you pick up your hammer and start to bring everything down, make sure that you have cut off the electric and water supply to the area you’re working on. Remove the faucets, showers, and all the fixtures and cabinets. You can start with removing the tiles from the walls and the floor using a scraper and a hammer. Repair any damages and mold before rebuilding.

Step #4: Rebuild it: Start to rebuild the new design you have chosen. Once the structure is standing, add electrical and plumbing systems before adding installing tiles and fixtures.

Step #5: Finish it up: After tiling the walls and floor, you can install new fixtures and lights for the last step. Paint the new bathroom and decorate it according to your chosen style. Install the new seat, bathtub enclosures, cabinets, and countertop to end your remodeling project.

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