Flooring Is The True Hero Of Every Home

The right flooring has the potential to elevate the look and style of your entire home. It supports your home’s structure, provides comfort and warmth for your family, and offers durability as it supports the pitter patter of shoes, slippers, and the tiny bare feet of little ones. And with the show-stopping  selection at Home Concepts Design Center, you’ll find all of your flooring needs in one place.

We offer products to match the tone and aesthetic of every home, from modern to contemporary to farmhouse. And our team of flooring experts is committed to helping our clients select the perfect options, with professional installation to ensure a smooth, gleaming finish to bring out the unique beauty of your home.

When you decide you’re ready to upgrade your home flooring, contact the team at Home Concepts Design Center. We will create an installation plan based on your exact flooring dimensions, and will work with you to select the option that best fits into your lifestyle – and gives life to your home.

Experience The Beauty of Custom Hardwood Floors

There is nothing quite like the stunning look of hardwood flooring to enhance your home’s interior. In addition to solid hardwood, we offer the best engineered hardwood flooring selection in Lodi, CA. Engineered hardwood flooring is the closest you can get to the look and feel of solid hardwood, and that’s because technically it is made of wood. You can choose engineered hardwood in any color, trend, or plank size, and it doesn’t require finishing, sanding, or staining. That means it’s ready to be installed right out of the box, leading to a seamless look at a fraction of the cost and time it takes to install solid hardwood floors. It can be installed easily by our team of professionals, but is also fairly simple for DIYers who’d like to try their hand at installation.

Engineered hardwood is also an excellent option for kitchens, or even bathrooms, because it doesn’t expand and contract as traditional hardwood does. It holds its shape and durability even when subjected to fluctuating temperatures and moisture levels, giving you an option that will make your home look great for years to come.

Give your home an updated, modern look with the best engineered hardwood flooring and solid hardwood flooring in Lodi, CA.

Best Engineered Hardwood Floors and Refinishing Services

Maybe your home has older wood floors that has the potential to be restored to its original show-stopping beauty. Or maybe your hardwood floors are looking a little bit dull, scratched, and uneven after years of heavy foot traffic, children running, and pets bounding through your home. Whatever your flooring goals are, the team at Home Concepts Design Center can restore and refinish your floors to bring back their shine and luster.

We will have your hardwood floors looking like new as we fill cracks, sand and buff your floors for a smooth and seamless appearance, and consult on your stain color of choice from our wide variety of customizable options.

Flooring Options For Every Room Of Your Home

We offer our clients the best in flooring materials, installation and hardwood floor refinishing  in Lodi, CA. Whether you need new floors for your entire home, or just the bedrooms, an entryway, the kitchen, or a stairway, we are prepared to handle every job quickly and efficiently. We have flooring material options to fit any budget, including carpet, tile, custom hardwood, and engineered hardwood. And every one of our flooring options comes from the most reputable and reliable suppliers with a commitment to durability, style, and longevity.


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