Home Renovations vs. Home Remodeling

Home Renovations

If you wish to build the house of your dreams, you must be confused about whether your home requires remodeling or renovation. While in lay man’s tongue, the two terms simply mean making improvements, repairs, and updates to the house, they are not the same in the constructor’s mind. Renovators and people from similar industries define the two very differently. Understanding the differences between renovation and remodeling will benefit you in communicating clearer with your chosen designers.

We have some significant differences compiled here for your understanding-


The term renovating refers to making simple changes to a place to restore its look. Renovation can include updating, repairing, and adding new elements to your existing structure.  Usually, renovation is done to improve the curb appeal of your home without reconstructing anything. 

Renovations are small-scale projects depending on your budget and can be minor, like getting new drapes and repainting, or major, like updating furniture and gadgets in your home.

On the contrary, remodeling is changing the layout of the house for better functionality and appeal. They are large-scale projects and involve reconstructing spaces for changing how they are used. You can remodel your place if you want to give it a modern design.


Renovations are generally less expensive projects than remodeling. However, you can define the range of renovations you want to give your house. If you are tight on budget but still need a renovation, you can easily do it yourself with some help. 

Remodeling involves professionals like constructors, builders, and architects to give your home a new structure. Though both renovation and remodeling require planned preparation, remodeling is much more complex. You may also need permits for some remodeling tasks.

Project Duration-

The time is taken to complete a renovation project highly depends on the level of the changes required. If you plan to get the most basic renovation done, like repainting, it will take about a couple of weeks. Whereas if your renovation plan involves updating the floors, bathrooms, and kitchen as well, it may take a month. However, you can do renovations at any pace you wish. 

In comparison, even minor remodeling can take months. Remodeling is a more challenging and time-consuming project since it involves demolishing, reconstructing, repairing, repainting, and decorating. You should have enough time to stay present at the site and overlook the progress to begin remodeling.

Choosing Between Renovating and Remodeling-

The choice primarily lies in whether your house needs a high-scale restoration or can be revived by small changes. Many people who purchase homes go for remodeling if the house structure does not suit their lifestyle. 

Many people also wish to add swimming pools, backyards, and enlarge their rooms by combining two rooms. All these are remodeling. However, if your home is comparatively newer, you can opt for a renovation project. They are less expensive, demand less involvement, and give your home a refreshed look in no time.

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